Instapak Complete System

Reduce Cube Size and Minimize Packaging Material with Small Diameter Tubes

The Instapak Complete foam packaging system creates Continuous Foam Tubes (CFTs) and foam filled bags. The system uses a range of Instapak high performance packaging foams that provide superior protection with minimal foam usage. A compact design, customizable programming and just-in-time accumulation capability makes the Instapak Complete®system a perfect fit for any size packaging operation.

The Instapak Complete system features a variety of new advancements that improve on our Instapak CFT technology:

  • Flow controlled dispensing allows the system to produce foam filled tubes, ranging from 1″ to 5″ diameter
  • Perforations can be programmed to suit individual needs and applications
  • User friendly touch key control panel allows operators to choose from 24 pre- programmed CFT or foam bag combinations

Our optional accumulator/ roll winder attachment feeds Instapak CFT material into a cushion bin or winds it into easy-to-use rolls, for later use or delivery to multiple workstations. These tubes can then be distributed to decentralized workstations or stored for peak usage.

Capitalizing on the ability to produce low-profile material, the Instapak Complete can deliver significant protection while allowing the packager to reduce cube size and overall shipping volume. By reducing material usage, users can also save on dimensional weight shipping fees and the environmental resources necessary to transport larger volume packages.

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