Liquid Foam Packaging & InstaPak Foam-In-Place Packaging

Instapak iMold® Automated Foam Packaging System

Breaking the Mold

Introducing the Instapak iMold Automated Foam Packaging System. The Instapak iMold® system combines the superior protection of engineered Instapak® foam packaging with the efficiency of automation normally reserved for high-volume operations. The iMold® system significantly reduces labor and ensures that each cushion is consistently a perfect fit for your specific packaging needs.

Advanced Design for Unparalleled Quality and Versatility

The iMold® system is an incredibly easy to use foam-in-place machine, incorporating the latest patented technology. Utilizing Foam

Dispersion Technology, the system strategically dispenses the foam throughout the bag, allowing the production of a wide variety of cushion designs. RFID technology automatically recognizes mold changeovers and loads the correct cushion recipe, providing error-free operation, while the easy-to-use touch screen display minimizes set up. Finally, a unique cushion ejection system frees up personnel to pack and ship, rather than monitor cushion production.

Just-in-Time Production, Just-Right Integration

The Instapak iMold® system has a modest footprint, making it the perfect size for decentralized, work cell packaging environments. It also has the capacity to accommodate batching operations, producing cushions in the quantity you need, only when they are needed.

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