PPE Packaging

Bulk face mask packs of 100 pieces packed 12 per minute.  individual masks packed at up to 40 packs per minute

Bulk face mask packs of 100 pieces packed 12 per minute.  individual masks packed at up to 40 packs per minute

In today’s current e-commerce and fullfillment environment, speed and accuracy are more important than ever. With Alta’s line of automated bagging equipment, single operators can produce 40 plus packages per minute. Whether it be bagging a product for the retail shelf, or shipments direct to consumers, our bagging equipment will reduce cost, labor and increase efficiency.

We work with some of the largest face masks, medical device and supplies manufacturers in the country, to package a variety of PPE and other medical products that require protective covering, product identification, and labeling.

In the face mask manufacturing industry in particular, we have been able to increase output by over 80% while packing masks in bulk as well as individual retail point-of-purchase type bags.

Our bag packaging systems improve productivity and increase capacity by integrating with your existing production line and automating the packaging process. Whether your application is best suited to a low to mid-volume tabletop model, or to a high-speed, custom packaging system, we have a solution for your operation.



Other markets and applications:

– Healthcare
– Pharmaceuticals
– Aerospace
– Automotive
– Electronics
– Food
– Recreational products
– Hardware
– Toys
– Pet products
– Personal products
– E-commerce and fullfillment




Need Hand Sanitizer?

1.75 oz bottle
$2.96 each
36 bottles/case (min order)
2 oz Tube With Flip Cap
3.8 oz bottle
$4.45 each
24 bottles/case (min order)
7.8 oz bottle
$7.45 each
24 bottles/case (min order)
*Plus freight from Chicago, IL 





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